Web Design Methodologies

Web Design Methodologies

Creating a website with intlaaq for website Designs & Mobile Applications follows similar steps as other forms of software

?Can we apply the software development process to our web design projects

There are numbers of different software design methodologies that have been proposed over the years – let’s look at ones appropriate for web design including

  1. (Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC
  2. (Rapid Application Development (RAD
  3. (Participatory Design (PD
  4. (Feature-driven Development (FDD
  5. (Component Based Development (CBD


Now we will see how does it helps for website design

  • (Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC

    Probably the best-known methodology for software – here are the stages in a typical systems development life cycle

  • Requirements Analysis– this establishes a high-level view of the intended project and then determines project goals into defined functions and operation of the intended application.  It includes the analysis of end-user information needs
  • Design– this describes desired features and operations in detail, including screen layouts, mock-ups and style decisions
  • Implementation– The html and CSS code are written at this point as well as web graphics and other interactive components
  • Testing– an important stage that checks for errors, interoperability and usability
  • Evolution– this is where future opportunities are looked at, that then feed back into another cycle starting at a new requirements analysis

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  1. (Rapid Application Development (RAD

    RAD uses meetings and prototyping to define requirements and radically decrease the time needed to design and implement information systems.

    There is a delay producing the overall design until after all the user requirements have been identified (through prototyping and testing).
    This design methodology requires a circular process of building, demonstrating and refining he prototype until it has all the user requirements.

  2. It requires frequent contact  and participation  from clients and users to refine the site.3
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  4. (Participatory Design (PD

    Emphasizes role of the user

    Entire user community can be involved in design
    Similar to the previous model it requires contact and participation of the users of the website

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  6. (Feature-driven Development (FDD

    :The steps in FDD are

    Develop overall model
    Build feature list
    Plan by feature
    Design by feature
    Build by feature
    This is a design methodology that works well for a large web design team.  Each member works on a set of features that are then built into a single website

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  8. (Component Based Development (CBD

    Similar to FDD above, this is the process of making each component function on its own, independent of everything else in the website and then bringing each component together to function within the whole

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